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2017-06-23 17:33:30 by nick1031

After years of being absent from the website I decided that maybe I could come back and see how newgrounds has changed and to see what new exciting productions people have released.

I didnt do it

2012-04-17 21:57:49 by nick1031

DONT LOOK UNDER THE RUG... its very dirty <.< >.> yeah.... dirty


2012-02-08 20:48:49 by nick1031

Why did my profile pic and icon pic both reset to default?!

Im beginning to wonder...

2012-01-09 17:52:44 by nick1031

How come everyone is starting to get obsessed with ponies lately?

Trolling around...

2011-10-04 20:01:00 by nick1031

... Like a Boss. U Mad Bro?

If someone could...

2011-08-12 01:04:19 by nick1031

Just please take a look at my art... I really want it to be seen by everyone


2011-05-05 15:42:54 by nick1031

ive submited my art... now i just need someone to scout it so it can go to the art portal


2011-05-02 11:35:13 by nick1031

soon im going to start uploading art to the art portal, it will all mainly be drawings used with pencils and colored pencils, i already have some ready and will upload them today after school

give me ideas

2011-04-04 12:18:09 by nick1031

im at school on the laptops, bored as hell... any suggestions to entertain me
no freaky ideas


2010-11-15 13:13:12 by nick1031

i will own your asses bioches :D